Guns That Don’t Exist

Jetpack Gun: Gun launches a jetpack onto your opponent which flies him around the level. More jetpacks on an opponent, more craziness in flight path.

Opponent Gun: Gun that turns opponent into a missile which can then be loaded into the gun and fired at other opponents. Get 3 points for a kill with such a missile.

Myst Book: Throws Myst Book (or maybe it is a melee weapon) at opponent. Opponent gets trapped in Myst Book and is now playing a puzzle solving game. Player can capture multiple opponents in book. If he throws book into fire then all opponents die. Perhaps extra points for each opponent killed.

–However! The players in the book can try and solve puzzles to either, a) release a monster from the book which then stalks the player holding it, or, b) find a super powerful weapon and escape from the book with it in their hands.

Octopus gun: Gun shoots octopus which bounces around grabbing at objects. Will cling to players if it reaches them. While clinging to players it will grab at scenery to slow them down and it will grab for rockets and grenades that come near the player.

Eyes In the Back of Your Head Gun: When shot with it you only see out the back of your head.

Wormhole Storm Gun: Shoots bullets that spawn randomly in a sphere around your target and then fire towards your target.

Magnet Gun: Shoot two objects and they get pulled towards each other from across the level.

Pine tree gun that gets fed pine trees and shoots needles and pine cones.

Obstacle Gun: Shoots obstacles like rocks, trees, blocks.

Respawn Gun: Gun that shoots a player with a respawn point. When the next player respawns he telefrags the one tagged. If you tag the guy and are the one who killed the next respawner you get double points.

Bubble Bobble Gun: Shoot opponents with bubbles. When popped opponent turns into fruit.

Silver Surfboard Gun:  Shoots a flying surfboard at opponent who can be killed by it or could time it so they jump on the board and ride it around.

Baby: You throw a baby at opponent. Terrified, the opponent drops his gun in order to catch the baby and keep it from falling. Now they are carrying the baby and can’t carry any guns. They have to throw the baby at someone now. If the baby misses opponent and hits any geometry it explodes in nuclear blast.

Shrink ray.

Freeze Ray.

Duck Gun: Gun that shoots flying ducks; they might be homing.

Cow: A cow which fires calves at opponents.

Hitler Gun: Turns opponent into Hitler. Opponent is worth two points to everyone; you get one point no matter what. While Hitler, their only weapon is a suicide pill; if they use it they lose a point.

Train Gun: A gun that shoots train tracks which a train will periodically ride across.


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