Floodgates: FPS Game Option That Doesn’t Exist

This was directly inspired while playing the map Cold Storage in Halo 3: The Reckoning.

The idea is meant for a first person shooter multiplayer game. The only requirements would be teams and that each team has a base. Ideally it would exist in a wild and surreal game such as Constantly Shifting Zones of Craziness which was more or less sketched out in the “Guns That Don’t Exist” posts.

So this option could be activated or deactivated for gametypes such as capture the flag, or territories, or infiltration or whatever.

Each team’s base has containment areas which hold monstrous creatures; something like fungal zombies. The various containment areas are controlled by a switch in the heart or in the back of the base. When this switch is activated the fungal monsters are released and begin attacking indiscriminately anything that isn’t a fungal monster.

Mostly the fungal monsters stay within the base they were released in. They will attack intruders or defenders alike. Also, their fungal terrain will slowly grow out of the containment areas and begin infesting the rest of the base, and slowly will spawn more fungal monsters. Basically, the base is becoming a more and more dangerous place to be. Either the home team is respawned in this deadly environment or the respawn points are pushed further outside the base, although the former is the most interesting option.

Another possibility is that when the containment doors are opened this provides access to a network of tunnels through which both bases’ containment areas are connected. So, if containment areas in both bases are unlocked then this provides one or two alternate routes to the other teams base.

What I like about this game mode/option is that it isn’t a one way pro or con; neither team absolutely benefits from pressing the button. The presence of the fungal infestation simultaneously makes it harder and easier for both attackers and defenders. So, the strategy can be used in various ways. A lone defender, knowing his teammates are waiting to spawn or are too far away to help, releases the fungal monsters to weaken and confuse the other team as it invades. A lone invader could do the same thing to sabotage the defenders and give him cover for an escape with the flag (or whatever object). A madcap team leader releases the fungal monsters in his own base to motivate his team for one last charge. Two teams of shenaniganers release the fungal monsters right from the start and go careening about the map screaming about the coming deluge that will destroy us all.

Obviously this mode could add a lot of flavor to an already existing gametype like capture the flag, but it even could exist as its own gametype. The goal would be to release the opposing teams flood and out live them until their spawn points are overgrown and destroyed. With this set up there would need to be some modulation, such as multiple buttons for multiple containment areas, or even weapons that can help speed up the fungal growth in an enemy’s base.


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