Nigh Invincible Demigods (Secret Societies, Pt. 3)

[Continued from Part 2]

A  few days later I met with Hermit Crab. He was supposed to be a member of the Sublime Society and he promised to give me more information about the two secret factions that were battling over the dominant trends in the game industry.

We met in a multistory parking garage. Hermit Crab called me to a corner where he was hidden among shadows. He was wearing a longcoat, with a hat pulled over his eyes. He had a stuffed manila envelope tucked under one arm.

“So, you’re a member of the Sublime Society?” I asked, sitting down.

Hermit Crab smiled at me from the shadows, I think.

I smiled back. “What’s with all the secrecy?” I asked.

“A necessity.”


“It is perilous to talk about the Sublime Society out in the open.”

“Dude, I seriously think everyone is exaggerating this conspiracy stuff.”

“Oh, do you? Then let me tell you, the last person to try talking openly about the Sublime Society ended up blacklisted from the industry. The only jobs he can get now are designing menu UI for straight to DVD releases.”

I shuddered at the thought. “Alright, fine. What can you dish out about this secret war between the Sublime Society and the Opponent.”

Hermit Crab nodded in the darkness, maybe. “You’re familiar with Dante’s Inferno?”

“The poem, the game, the actual Inferno, or the nightclub themed around one particular circle of Hell?”

“I didn’t know there was a nightclub like that.”

“I don’t know either but I figure there’s got to be, right?”

“I meant Dante’s Inferno, the game. Have you played it?”

“Yeah. I actually wrote a review on Dante’s Inferno for some game site back in the day. The website wasn’t that good and it disappeared after a few months.”

“That often is the case. Most websites that talk about video games don’t really have anything worthwhile to say.”

“That’s cool, listen, is this going to take a long time?”

“Most likely.”

“Man, my legs are already starting to get sore,” I muttered.

“To continue,” said Hermit Crab. “What were your thoughts of the game Dante’s Inferno?”



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