Black-and-white or color

Black and white image of SimCity

As a kid I never understood why people liked this game. Then as an adult I realized I didn’t care either.

Today I just remembered about how computer games used to come with black-and-white versions of themselves. Do you remember that? How crazy is that! You’d get one disc and there’d be two game applications on there, something like “Prince of Persia (BW)” and “Prince of Persia (16 colors)”. Was that just a Mac thing? I don’t know. I also don’t know why this sudden memory just blew my mind. Well, whatever, I do know that this all made me really happy as a kid since I had an old Apple SE with a black and white monitor. The fact that developers actually did this is great. The End.

Black and white Prince of Persia

I beat the Prince of Persia BW long before I beat the color version.

Prince of Persia fighting a guard in color

I always thought that the Prince looked a little like a hunchback when he was in his combat pose.

SimAnt in black white

SimAnt in color

Alien vs. Predator is just a ripoff of Ant vs. Spider.

Pararena in black and white

This is actually from Pararena 1, but I distinctly remember Pararena 2 having a black and white version.

Pararena 2 in color

Pararena 2 was actually an incredibly fun and addicting game. I’m surprised I haven’t heard anyone talking about it ever.

Glider 4 in black and white

That computer is so meta, and not plugged into anything.


Glider in color

This was harder than Super Meat Boy, I think.

Armor Alley, black and white helicopter battles

Before there was tower defense there was Armor Alley and it was way less stupid.

Amro alley in color

I think it even had coop.

Warlords, black and white, armies swarming lands

How many hours did I sink into Warlords? A billion? No, had to of been more than that.

Warlords in color

War! Although technically that explosion represents one battle that is part of a much larger conflict.

Puzzle platformer, Spacestation Pheta

I love Spacestation Pheta so much.

Spacestation Pheta in color, although just as plain with its stick figure main character



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