Fun Gun Awards: Storm Bow from Heretic 2

storm bow 5

The Fun Gun Award™, is an award for video game guns that aren’t necessarily effective, don’t necessarily give a player a tactical advantage, but which have creative behavior, unique design, and are fun to use. These guns might suck, but they’re so fun that I WANT to learn to use them effectively.

I liked Heretic 2. Probably more than it deserves; or, less than it deserves. I liked the weapons, the visual design, and the plethora of non-human characters and enemies (after the first environment, I don’t think there are any more human enemies). I even liked the silly Ogles in their mountain mines, dancing and shaking their butts every time I saved them.

This was like the sneezing panda video of character animations.

This was like the sneezing panda video of character animations.

I also really liked the Storm Bow, although it wasn’t always that useful.

There is a certain beauty to the literalness of the Storm Bows name. It’s not poetic. It doesn’t shoot a storm of arrows, or do damage equivalent of a storm. It literally shoots a storm at opponents.

Sure, the projectile is a red arrow, but once it hits something, a red storm cloud forms and rises into the air. Red rain burns anything beneath the cloud and occasionally a red lightning bolt will lance down to stun and damage any enemies beneath. Even the red arrow does some damage when it hits.

If an enemy stayed under that cloud, it was guaranteed to die. It was like a weird, damage-over-time sniper rifle.

Usually, though, the enemies didn’t stay under the cloud. Usually they ran at you once they took the first bit of damage.

storm bow 4

But, when they didn’t move far, it was tremendously fun watching them stagger about confusedly, as acid rain boiled down on them and lightning jolted them like a murderous case of the hiccups.

storm bow7

It was sometimes the best way to take out the tremendously annoying flying enemies, which would hover in one spot before diving.

There were SOME clever things you could do with the Storm Bow though. You could create a line of red storms between you and some enemies, shoot the enemies, and then they’d run through a death trap to get to you.

Or, if you knew things were going to get up close and personal you could just fire storms all around yourself. Since the storms didn’t do damage to the player you could run around freely while your opponents took damage.

The best use of the Storm Bow, for me, was against bosses. Since bosses didn’t move much it was really easy to activate the extra damage rune (whatever it was called) and then fire some super storms at a boss and take cover until it was time to fire another. This method made it refreshingly easy to take out some of the bosses in the game.

storm bow 6

And it just looked really cool too. Unleashing red storms of rage just feels powerful.

That’s all. No intellectual discussion on the Storm Bow changing the playscape of levels, or anything like that. It’s just a weird, fun, but sometimes useless gun.


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