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I’ve written traditional short fiction, written articles for a few different gaming websites, worked on some modding projects as a lead writer/narrative designer, made my own (very simple) mods, and even programmed a few (very basic) games in the past. Most of that happened years ago, though.

These days I don’t have as much time on my hands, so once in a blue moon I’ll work on some short fiction, write an article on this blog, or putter around with designing board games.

In terms of this blog, I write primarily – and infrequently – about storytelling/writing in games, as all as game design analysis. Sometimes I do other things like write gonzo humor style blogposts. Every few months I think I’ve given up on this blog, but somehow it just keeps trucking along, year after year. I guess that means something.

If you would like to contact me for whatever reason you can…
Reach me on Twitter: PhillingTime.
Email me at electriccartilage@gmail.com.
Use the WordPress contact form (located on the bottom of this page), which will also send me an email.

Unrelated, you can read the first five chapters of my fictional fiction novel Cyberdragon! by Lesley McNeil . I no longer write anything for it, but what’s there is still pretty funny, I think.

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