About Author, About Blog

I just do this for fun and in my spare time. I don’t make money off of it and I am not active in any part of the games industry nor gaming culture.

I’m just someone who thinks a lot about the digital games I play. When I have the free time and the willpower to do it I post “articles” about some aspect of games that I’ve been thinking about whether it’s critical analysis, general bitching and moaning, or just some something fun and humorous. I mainly write about storytelling and writing in games, as well as general level and game design.

Every few months I think to myself that I’m going to delete this blog due to inactivity, but somehow it just keeps trucking along year after year. I guess that means something.

You can read the first five chapters of my fictional fiction novel Cyberdragon! by Lesley McNeil . I’ve given up on adding to it, but what’s there is still pretty funny, I think (satirical and deliberately poorly written prose).

You can see my twitter account here: PhillingTime

You can email me at electriccartilage (at) the google mail. There’s also a generic, WordPress contact form somewhere around this place that you can use as well.

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