Posts I hope to write in the future

As of 12/27/16

I do this in my spare time so I often have a long backlog of ideas that I want to write, but which I don’t always find time to do. Sometimes I have an idea floating around for years before I get around to actually writing it.

So, here’s a list of things that are on my backlog. If there’s something on this list that you’d like me to prioritize and right before anything else just leave a comment, or email or twitter me:

A post reveling in the decapitations and bloodshed found in the old school game Rune

Fun Gun Award for the Chronal Magnum in Midnight Star

Fun Gun Award for the Bolo gun in the Total Recall film remake from a few years ago

Analyzing how certain game mechanics for Protoss (carrier, reaver) are similar to the Zerg and what this says about the narrative of Starcraft.

A gonzo post where I play an alpha version of Half-life 3; is a sequel to an old post I made back when it was still Half-life 2: Episode 3

Post-mortem of a flash game I made

Post-mortem of some single player maps I made for Marathon: Infinity

Post-mortem of challenge maps I made for Lugaru

Piece about the artistry in Myst and how it was the “first” art game

An idea for a game where the core mechanic revolves around getting the monsters to fight each other

Analysis of Diablo 2’s necromancer and how he’s the most unique to the other character classes in the game

A look at how the psychological phenomenon of cognitive dissonance and effort justification can make difficult games, such as dark souls, seem more enjoyable and more fun than they actually are (or even make unenjoyable games seem enjoyable)

A look at the concept of constructible environments and why they don’t appear in more games; basically the gameplay mechanic opposite of destructible environments (something I talked about in an older post, but i was doing it with an experimental satirical, gonzo narrative style; this post would be more direct and straightforward)

An idea for a game where the player researches alien life; inspired by when I played the demo to starcraft

A gritty, narrative reboot of the alien races in FTL (basically giving them descriptions and backstory that are more gritty and ~real)