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(NSFW) TittyTech™ in Diablo: a brief slice of gaming history


Replaying the original Diablo recently reminding me of a little (or should I say, big) aspect that was never duplicated with as much success in the sequels.

I’m talking of course about the boobs.

Players who managed to reach the deepest levels of Diablo were given a break from the sight of skeletons and goatmen, and were rewarded with the welcoming view of the Succubi and their massive, swinging breasts.

In order to achieve this level of breast fidelity Blizzard North had to use the third party proprietary software known as TittyTech™.
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The Colony: a 3D FPS from 1987 that is simply amazing (even by modern standards)

the colony monsters


“funny that doom and marathon didnt have desks and chairs or anything just sprites”

“Sad thing is this game has more interactivity than more than two thirds of the games out now.”

“I think this was also the first game to feature crates!”

Those are some select quotes from the comments section of two walkthrough videos of the Colony, a 3D FPS from 1987 (I just found the videos even though they’re from 2009). The last quote is from the creator himself, David A. Smith, who narrates the videos and reveals some really fascinating stuff. Like, one wall in the game took up 2 Bytes, and an entire map took about 4K. 4K!!! As one commenter points out: “Now days you can’t even send a email without going over 4kb.”
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Black-and-white or color

Black and white image of SimCity

As a kid I never understood why people liked this game. Then as an adult I realized I didn’t care either.

Today I just remembered about how computer games used to come with black-and-white versions of themselves. Do you remember that? How crazy is that! You’d get one disc and there’d be two game applications on there, something like “Prince of Persia (BW)” and “Prince of Persia (16 colors)”. Was that just a Mac thing? I don’t know. I also don’t know why this sudden memory just blew my mind. Well, whatever, I do know that this all made me really happy as a kid since I had an old Apple SE with a black and white monitor. The fact that developers actually did this is great. The End.

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