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Analyzing the implied story of “By Committee” in Marathon Infinity

“By Committee” is one of my favorite levels in Marathon, I love prison escape levels, but the Volunteers entry on this level misses a lot of what’s going on here.

The analysis of “By Committee” fails to answer several questions we should be asking while playing this level. One glaringly obvious question: Where are the Enforcers? We’re in Pen 13 Garrison which contains a prison and a dungeon both of which fall within the domain of the enforcers. There should be Enforcers everywhere in this level, up in the guard towers, looking down from balconies, standing guard outside the prisons, etc. So, where are they? There is no sign of them except for one alien gun lying on the ground. Let’s figure this out.

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Games That Didn’t Exist For Too Long: Horde Mode and Valve’s Director

So, the wordpress stats tracker is telling me a lot of people are linking to this article looking for info on a sequel to a certain game about zombies. This article has nothing to do with that game about zombies; but I did recently play a preview of a different Valve game and wrote I about my experience: Check it out. Onto to the original article:

In my first post I mentioned two situations where I felt it took too long for a couple things to officially appear in games. I didn’t elaborate on what I meant citing that you the reader were not sufficiently prepared to read the story. Now I have deemed you are ready. If you are reading this post before having read aforementioned first post then I applaud you on becoming ready before schedule.


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