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Examples of game mechanics that tell stories: Diablo 2, Starcraft’s Demo, Rogue, Star Control 2


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Recently I watched a good video by Mark Brown about the Last Guardian. He analyzes how the game communicates story through gameplay and he looks at one specific moment in the game. If you don’t mind mild spoilers on the Last Guardian then go check out the video, it’s pretty good.

This got me to thinking about other moments in games when story is being told through narrative.

Of relevance is an older post I made about Riven and how it manages to merge narrative and gameplay so that they are one and the same. The image at the top of the post is also for Riven, but there’s no storytelling going on there. I just like that view.

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The fall of Starcraft 2’s story

The original Starcraft is the perfect example of the three faction archetype. The Terrans are down to earth humans, the Zerg are a mindless swarm of destruction, and the Protoss are ancient beings with immense spiritual and technological power. The factions are balanced in terms of gameplay and narrative. Each race has its own unique qualities, style, and atmosphere which distinguishes it from the other races.

However, that is changing in the Starcraft 2 series. Both the Zerg and the Protoss are having their most powerful qualities erased and the worst offense is done to the Protoss who in Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty have become weaklings making half hearted attempts at being relevant.

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Storytelling That Doesn’t Exist: Starcraft Demo Palette Swap

Pizza Conversation.

Recently I wrote a post about how I played a different demo of Starcraft than anyone else. To verify a few memories I played the Starcraft demo once again. During replay I noticed a storytelling device that was brilliant. It was so subtly wonderful that I decided to save its discussion for a later post. This is that post.
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