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Electric Cartilage And The Games That Don’t Exist: The Beginning

“”Games are not the right medium to tell stories,” Wright said in a recent interview. “Video games are more about story possibilities.””

So recently I discovered this quote by Will Wright in which, as you can see, he suggests that games are not the right medium for telling stories and that games are about story possibilities. Aside from displaying Wright’s apparent ignorance of his own field (after this quote I’m guessing his games are probably made by a sentient Excel spreadsheet) this points out an infuriating problem I’ve seen in the game community. Game developers, from Wright to Jonathan Blow all the way to so-and-so, don’t really understand video games and neither do the people who write about games. This is not an audacious statement. It seems developers haven’t gained an intuitive understanding of games and focus only on what games are on the surface. A lack of technology is not an issue. Rather, the issue is a lack of clairvoyance in an industry dominated by right-brain wielding fan boys whose idea of creativity is creating a flow chart to explain ‘fun’, any of whom could easily be replaced by a sentient spreadsheet.

Ladies. I’m not about makin’ love. I’m about makin’ love possibilities.

I thirst to read more!