What’s Good to Read Around Here?

You can obviously explore this blog however you want, but here is a list of blogposts I’ve made that I particularly enjoy or think are especially well done:

For anyone interested in gameplay and narrative, you should check out my post about how Riven’s gameplay is its narrative; Riven manages to tell its story through play.

Back in the ’90s John Carmack claimed that stories are as unnecessary in video games as they are in porn. Here is my response to that old quote.

A satirical, gonzo, humor piece about the history of breasts in the Diablo series.

Two posts I made about the original Diablo, one looking at the clever design of the Butcher boss battle, and the other one looking at how negative item attributes actually make the game and world more interesting.

Although I made this before DOOM was released I still think it’s a good bit of game design analysis: I take Bethesda’s E3 demo of DOOM and pick apart how it doesn’t live up to what made the original Doom so fun (yes, I do know that since it’s release DOOM is considered to be an amazing game, although for very different reasons than the original).

I’m particularly fond of the first part of this analysis/review of Destiny where I use limericks, sound effects, and an old screen shot to review certain aspects of the game. Once you get past the Marathon screen shot the unique stuff is done and it moves on to a less funny, typical review of the game.

A humorous piece where I look at the different (and severally unbalanced) experiences of playing the original Deus Ex either nonviolently or super-violently.

Two humorous analyses of the Half-life series. I look at some terrible aspects of Half-life 2’s story as well as why the original Half-life actually has a terrible and idiotic story.

A post I made where I just take some old games and show screenshots from both their black-and-white and color versions (something old games did back when there were BW as well as color computers).

A post where I rip apart the amateurish shift in characterization in between Starcraft and SC2.

I analyze a popular archetype in fiction especially fantasy and science fiction: the Celestial, Terrestrial, and Diabolic triumvirate of factions.

A post where I use a random video game name generator and then describe the video games it names.I have several brainstorming posts where I think of guns that don’t exist in video games but which would be fun/funny if they did:
Part 1Part 2Part 3