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Constructible Environments, cont’d (Secret Societies, Pt. 2)

[continued from Part 1]

As I wrote in my previous post, before I could  meet with the agent of the secret group known as the Sublime Society, I encountered someone else.

I was walking home one day when a car with tinted windows pulled up alongside me. The back window rolled down.

“Get in the car Mr. Philtron,” said a figure from within.

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Constructible Environments (Secret Societies, Pt. 1)

“…the dry winds scoured the earth of the land…”

It began because I really enjoyed From Dust.

And then I met an industry friend, one who works for a major triple-A developer, for lunch at a café.

Little did I know that these two things would lead me into the secret underbelly of secret game industry where shadow developers wage a cold war of espionage and sabotage.

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